The driver needs a license class 5 or 7. To read more press here. Scooters are the latest growing form of transportation for a number of reasons, one of which is obviously economics. With gas prices rising, Scooters make perfect sense! Gas Scooters are economically friendly. An average person can spend as little as $0.02 per kilometer on fuel, that means as little as 2 liters per 100 kilometers. That is a tremendous savings right there but the savings go much much further. The pricing for our scooters start at less than $2,000. Also, don’t forget the savings on insurance. They are easy to maintain, to ride, to park and are eco-friendly!!!
A N D … Scooters less than 50cc do not require motorcycle license. Having a scooter means everyday things are now fun. A simple drive to the store no longer seems like a chore, but an excuse to hop on on your scooter!

Finally in Alberta, REAL EUROPEAN QUALITY gas scooters, for those who grew up around them or always dreamed about one of the best scooter all over the world!!! Benelli company has been in buisness since 1911 and is still growing! It is more than 100 year in business with unbeatable reputation, as same as Mercedes Benz!!!!
Please check their website: The QUATTRONOVE X 50 model and PEPE 50 models are fully automatic and have a different look and driving feel. As soon as you seat on one of them, you WILL feel a Huge difference!!!