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GIO 3000 Watt Gasoline Powered Generator with Electric Start. The generator is high quality portable power source equipped with 6.5HP OHV Engine for all your needs.

We can offer you a very nice machine at a very low price!




Complete Specifications


Type Brushless, Revolving Field, Self-exciting, 2 poles, Single phase
AC Voltage 50HZ 220/230/240V
AC Voltage 60HZ 110/120/220/240V
Max. Output 50HZ 2.3 kVA
Max. Output 60HZ 2.5 kVA
Rated Output 50HZ 2.0 kVA
Rated Output 60HZ 2.3 kVA
Voltage Regulator Condenser Type
Power Factor 1.0
DC Output 12V / 8.3A (Option)


Engine Model XY168FA
Engine Type Air cooled, 4 cycle, OHV, Gasoline
Bore x Stroke 68 x 45 mm
Displacement 163 cc
Max. Output 6.5HP / 4000RPM
Fuel Regular Automobile Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 12L
Rated Continues Operation 11 hours
9.5 hours
Lubricant Oil Engine oil SD or higher (SE15W-30)
Lubricant Oil Capacity 0.6 L
Starting System Recoil / Starter
Ignition System T.C.I
Spark Plug Type F6RTC BPR-4ES (NGK)


Net Dimensions (LxWxH) 545 x 425 x 440 mm
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 560 x 440 x 460 mm
Net Weight 43 kg
Dry Weight 45 kg

Safety and Operating Tips

  • Never operate a generator indoors. Generators produce deadly carbon monoxide fumes and should never be operated indoors.  Operate generators outdoors in well ventilated areas and away from doors and windows.  Consider using a carbon monoxide detector to make sure the gas is not coming indoors.
  • Never connect a portable generator directly to your home’s wiring without a professionally installed transfer switch.  Electricity can flow back along power lines and harm workers making repairs or people who touch downed power lines.
  • Read and follow all manufacturers’ instructions on the safe operation of the generator.
  • Use only properly sized, three prong extension cords that are in good condition.
  • Plug in one piece of equipment at a time.  Start with the item that uses the most electricity.
  • Unplug all equipment from the generator before turning it off.
  • Operate the generator on a firm, level surface to prevent engine damage.
  • Make sure you add oil to the generator before starting it.
  • Use a fuel stabilizer if the generator is not going to be used for more than one month to prevent damage due to the formation of fuel gum and deposits.


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