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Substantial qualities when it comes to Aquamarine’s 12.5 ft inflatable boat.

Twelve and a half feet of length, this boat pushes through rough tides and mellow waters. The strength of this raft takes security and reliability to a whole new level. It is controllable and easy to steer, enabling the passengers to do it all.

The 12.5 ft inflatable boat is capable of holding six adults plus any recreational gear on board with ease.

This model, the GYT-380, is brought to our customers for its aluminum flooring, creating a rock solid foundation for the raft. Updated, 1.2 mm, new generation PVC fabric with polyester support, increases boat resistance to abrasion. Also, non rust screws and bumper blockers are used insuring no damage done to the bottom of the boat.

Used for anything from a beautiful day out on the lake with the family, riding the bay shore strives, taking a small cruise from peninsula to other edges or for fishing! Comfort is our big plus for this specific design as well as it being one of the most secure models.



Product Description

Complete Specifications of GYT-380

  • Overall Length: 12.5 ft (380 cm)
  • Overall Width: 5.5 ft / 66″ (153 cm)
  • Number of Chambers: 3 + 1 (Bow, Starboard, Portside + Keel)
  • Inside Width (between port & starboard): 33″ (82 cm)
  • Inside Length: 8.4 ft (255 cm)
  • Tube Diameter (pontoon diameter): 18″ (47 cm)
  • Max. Person Capacity: 6 adults
  • Max. Engine Power: 25 hp (18.4 KW)
  • Recommended motor shaft: 15″ Short Shaft
  • Max. Engine Weight (outboard engine & related equipment): 280 lbs (127 kg)
  • Floor Material: 3 x Aluminum / bow – plywood
  • Max. Gross Loading: 1273 lbs (578 kg)
  • Max. Tube Pressure: 3.6 psi (0.25 Bar)
  • Tubes and Hull Material (inflatable boat fabric and finished thickness): 1.2 mm PVC coated – 1200 Dtex polyester fabric
  • Hull Unit Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg)
  • Boat Overall Weight (weight of the vessel including deck, railings, seats, oars): 174 lbs (79 kg)

Comes complete with

  • Storage / Carrying bag for inflatable boat
  • Set of aluminum collapsible oars
  • Foot pump with adapter for H-R valve
  • 2 Aluminum bench seats
  • Repair kit (comes with 2 PVC fabric patches and 60 grams glue)
  • Towing rope
  • Owner manual


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