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Complete Specifications


Type 350W Continuous / 500W Peak Brushless Electric Engine
Min/Max Output 350W / 500W
Starting System Electric Start
Transmission Automatic
Drive Train Chain Drive


Type Lead Acid
Power Output 48V/12AH
Controller 17AH with DA Technology
Charge Time 6 – 8 Hours


Rear Suspension Dual spring shocks
Front Suspension Hydraulic Front motorcycle shocks
Front Brakes Drum Brake
Rear Brakes EABS (Electric Absorption Braking System) with Lock
Max Speed 32 Km/h
Reverse No


Vehicle Size Mid-Size
Front Tires 16 x3.0″
Rear Tires 16 x3.0″
L x W x H 172.7 cm x 68.6 cm x 104.1 cm (68 in. x 27 in. x 41 in.)
Size Adult
Dry Weight 70 kg (154.3 lb.) with battery


Head Light Yes
Tail Light Yes
Brake Light Yes
Blinkers Yes
Alarm Yes





GIO ITALIA (MK) 500W Electric scooter is the perfect European-inspired upgrade to our reliable daily commuter scooters.

This beautiful GIO ITALIA (MK) 500W Electric scooter takes scooter style to a new dimension, something straight out of the tight streets of Milan, where scooters own the road.

The 48 Volt lead-acid battery system features dual 12AH batteries and will provide 50 kilometres of range on a single charge, great for a run of daily errands or school commute. The scooter can travel up to 60 km on a single charge!

Powered by a 500W,  continuous brushless electric motor, this scooter has beautiful styling to go along with easy, smooth handling and plentiful power.

The new style features three electric metallic-paint color schemes, including azure (electric blue), matte black and dark red (burgundy). The seat is a beautiful, rich tan leather and the uber-cool front body and headlight design is downright sexy. The smooth Euro lines and eye-pleasing body shape assure a stylish, cool ride.

It does NOT need to be registered as a vehicle and it can be operated WITHOUT a driver’s license. The GIO E-Scooter is a great way for commuters or those working on large campuses to get around.

The 32 km/h top-speed is more than enough for getting around town on bike lanes, road shoulders, or pedestrian/bike paths.

This full-size scooter can fit any adult or large youth and is simple and easy to use.

It features heavy-duty front drum brakes and a rear EABS (Electronic Absorption Braking System) which recharges the battery when braking, extending range.

The handlebars feature all the controls you expect out of a scooter, including front and rear brake levers, throttle, turn signals, horn, cruise control, high/low-beam headlights, adjustable side-view mirrors and comfortable grips, as well as large analog gauges and displays.

A digital LCD heads-up display tells you all the vitals you need to know when cruising around, with cruise control , including speed, batterly level, motor output, odometer and more. The front wheel features a six-spoke alloy wheel with a semi-gloss black finish.

The comfy ride is accentuated by a comfort-foam tan leather-finished seat and front and rear dual-suspension with nitro-gas shock absorbers for that patented silky smooth ride. The beautiful body and all-new fender designs are just one of the premium features which also include multiple lockable storage areas with a back-top box, under-seat battery/storage area, and front storage compartment. There is lots of security with lockable rear wheel and ignition, aforementioned locking storage areas, included ultra-strong U-Lock, and complete alarm system.

We can’t say enough about the eye-catching Italian inspired design of this scooter – the performance needs to be spoken for, and it delivers, but the design you can see with your own eyes – check out the beautiful pictures below. The GIO Italia Electric Scooter is the ideal daily ride to get around any town, and was designed with your tasks and comfort in mind!

E-Scooters are street legal, just like bicycles, and do not require driver’s license, insurance or registration. Best of all, E-Scooters do not require gas either! Just charge it and go!



  • The model has cruise control that makes your ride across town that much more enjoyable.
  • 17AH Module with DA Technology resulting in a longer travel distance.
  • Rear EABS (Electronic Absorption Braking System) which recharges the battery when braking.
  • Loaded with safety features! The Italia has a rear wheel lock and a complete alarm system.
  • Each E-scooter comes with front and rear lights, mirrors, large seat for 2 riders, large trunk box, soft plush carpet kit for your feet to rest on.
  • Oversize Seat and Trunk Box. Plenty of storage here. Trunk box is included with the scooter and does not need to be installed.
  • Key Start and Storage. Easy access storage where you could place your cell phone or ipod or any accessories you may have.
  • Storage under the seat. GIO’s E-Scooters offer the most storage under the seat than any other E-Scooter on the market. Seat folds to open and folds to close and lock.
  • Dual Shocks & Hub Motor. Dual shock system will cushion your ride when going over bumps, curbs or objects.
  • Front Wheel & Brake. Drum brake is located in the center of the wheel and provides plenty of stopping power even when you ride at high speeds.
  • Pedals. E-Scooter comes with a set of pedals which can be installed when you need them. Pedal installation is very easy just slip cranks onto the shaft. Pedals are not required for operation and can be installed anytime.
  • Smart Battery Charger. Once scooter is charged, the charger turns itself off preventing any potential damage to the battery.


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