GIO’s PIT BULL SERIES Racing Off-Road Motorcycles (pit bikes) are the sweetest machines GIO have put on the track, and the XP125 is the compact whirlwind of speed, intensity, and power.

When GIO says new, they mean really new – as in all new engine design, frame, tires, carb, welding, graphics, shocks, and more! With every year GIO’s engineering and manufacturing gets better – and that equals incredible quality in products for the same low price. That practice really shines through with GIO’s Pit Bull Series of pit bikes, perfect for everyone from the beginner rider to the craziest daredevil.

The XP125 is the smallest in the Pit Bull Series but still features an explosive amount of power available from its new engine, designed with a single horizontally-mounted four-stroke cylinder with 125cc of displacement.

Like every bike in our Pit Bull Series, the high-output, high-torque engine on the small pit bike frame equals incredible acceleration and power-to-weight ratio. The power-to-weight ratio is especially enhanced on the XP125 due to the reduction in all major weight components, while retaining an almost equal power output to the larger bikes.

The XP125 is perfect for smaller adults and large youths, but will take anyone for a ride. The bike is air-cooled and a beautiful black chrome exhaust and custom CNC muffler tip belt a wicked sound. A 9.0:1 compression ratio and the new horizontal cylinder and head Loncin design result in a high quality engine that reduces vibration and lowers center of gravity for a better handling ride.

The handing of the XP125 is excellent; its the fastest turner on the track and its small size coupled with the frame layout and compact, powerful engine mean it screams through corners and is burning past competitors before they notice. Featuring a 360 mm coil-over adjustable rear nitro-gas shock absorber and 700 mm long-travel dual front shock absorbers on a hand/custom-made triple tree, the suspension system has been designed to perfectly couple to the smaller pit bike wheels and put an optimal shape around the power plant for the rider. The smaller 14” front and 12” rear tires feature large off-road treads.

New engineering standards have improved every area of our pit bikes. Better computer-controlled CNC welding systems ensure perfect joints and a more efficient, stronger steel frame with higher quality metal. All aluminum on the XP125 has been upgraded to the highest grade – 6061 aircraft aluminum, which is CNC milled by computer-controlled cutting machines on all parts.
When GIO says everything is new they mean it – GIO have really spared no cost on this bike to improve everything. Even the quality of the plastic has been upgraded. It’s the details that count and the XP125 pays attention to them all.

When you think you’ve seen it all in standard size bikes, come see the thrill and power you’ll get out of a pit bike – the unmatched power to weight ratio is insane. The XP125 may be the smallest in the Pit Bull Series, but it rides like a bat out of hell.


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