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‘COMAX’ electric trolling motor 55 lbs trust is great for trolling or just hanging around on the lake. ‘COMAX’ 55 lbs motor delivers power, performance and advanced 5 speed FWD and 3 speed REV. DEPTH GEARED STEERING TROLLING MOTOR. REV control for enhanced responsiveness.

‘COMAX’ 55 lbs motor comes with stainless steel shaft protected from rust or corrode which makes it ideal for on water use.

Transom mount electric ‘COMAX’ trolling motor equipped with adjustable depth collar and agronomic folding and extendable handle. The articulated 2:1 steering handle minimizes the steering space and extends for up to 500 mm. Adjust the desired position simly by pulling and folding the handle. Users also can adjust the folding knob to change the handle angle.

Adjustable motor depth: Press UP & DWN buttons to adjust the motor depth (maximum extention lenght 278 mm). Tilting and lift motor electrically to prevent impact when enter shallow water areas. Another feature of ‘COMAX’ trolling motor 55 lbs trust is adjustable bracket depth.

Please use 12 volts deep cycle battery for your motor.

HASWING by Aquamarine‘s Electric trolling motors come with 2 YEAR WARRANTY!!!


Product Description

Complete Specifications


Thrust Level 55 pounds (lbs) trust
Shaft Length Extandable to 32″ (800 mm)
Voltage 12 volts
Speed control 5 speed FWD and 3 speed REV
Build in battery meter 3 levels battery indication
Output (Max) 540 Watt
Amp -Rated 44 – 55 amps
Conrol Handle Extend-length 500 mm / Fold angle 120
Mount type 10 levels transom mount lock bracket
Propeller 3 blade propeller
Max size boat recommended 15.5 ft (5.5 m) / load 880 lbs (400 kg)
Packing size 38″ x 17″ x 9″ (94 x 23 x 42 cm)
Net weight 29 lbs (14 kg)
Package weight 35 lbs (16 kg)



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