High quality, industrial grade, portable, 5000w diesel generator.

No generator can offer as much bang for your buck as the 5000W Diesel model. Granted, this generator may not be for everyone, as 5000 Watts is a large amount of power. But if you need an industrial grade generator for your business, whether it be industrial or commercial, or if you just need a lot of portable/backup power at home, this is the model you want.

Diesel generators offer a lot of advantages over gasoline, natural gas, or propane generators. They are the most fuel efficient, meaning you spend the smallest amount of money to generate more power. They are the most reliable and maintenance-free of all types of generators. They have no ignition systems, carburetors, or spark plugs – meaning fewer headaches for you, and more reliability in hostile environments. Diesel is also the safest and least flammable of all fuels used in generators.

5000W Diesel model is versatile and very intelligently designed. It features many different types of outputs, so you always get what you need without inefficient energy conversion. It offers two 120 VAC outputs for the most commonly used applications. In addition, a 240 VAC type locking plug (such as on dryers) is offered for heavier industrial power applications. This is very convenient for applications such as welding, which needs lots of high-voltage, high-output portable power. As well, 120 VAC can be output on the same high-voltage locking plug outlet, making it possible to hook almost any piece of equipment up to the generator.

12.8V DC terminals are offered for any application requiring DC power. Applications such as powering unique engineering or construction equipment, or charging automotive/car batteries are covered by the DC output. Finally, an easy to access ground terminal offers a solid grounding option for added safety, circuit stability, and noise reduction. The versatility of this generator can’t be beat.

Let’s compare this generator to the equivalent Honda model (Honda EB5000XK2A). They both output the same amount of maximum power (5000W), but the Gio model outputs more at rated load (4600W vs. 4500W). The Gio model offers more types of output (2x120VAC,1x locking plug 120/240VAC, 1x 12.8VDC) than the Honda, which does not offer DC voltage out. The Gio model offers 50 Hz or 60 Hz operation, making it possible to use with equipment intended for use on other continents (Europe, Asia use 50 Hz AC power), where as the Honda model does not. The Honda model offers only 8.3 hours of continuous operation at rated load versus 8.5 hours for the Gio model. Both use industrial-grade direct injection diesel engines. However, the Gio model isn’t as heavy as the Honda. Both offer protected loads (breaker can be seen in the above picture for the Gio model). Both offer solid, durable, reliable, low-maintenance construction and will operate for years without problems.



Complete Specifications

Type Brushless,Self-excitation, 2 poles single-phase
Voltage Regulator Condenser Type
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Max. AC Output 5.0KW / 6.0KW
Rated AC Output 4.6KW / 5.2KW
Rated AC Voltage 110,220.230.240,110/220,120/240 V
DC Output 12V/8.3A(option)
Power Factor cos Φ=1.0


Model DH186FA
Type Forced Air-cooled,4-Stroke,Diesel engine
Displacement 406 cc
Max Output 10.0HP/3600rpm
Fuel Diesel Light Fuel
Fuel Tank Capacity 14 L
Continuous Operating Hours 8.5H / 8.0H
Oil SAE 10W30(about CC grade)
Oil Capacity 1.65 L
Ignition System Direct injection
Starting System RECOIL
Operating Noise Level(7M) 84dB(A) / 85dB(A)


Overall Dimension 735*495*605
N.G/G.W 89/92 KG



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