SC-Worldwide and Odes Motors China have come together to form an unprecedented partnership that has never been accomplished in USA History. Together they have formed a company called “Odes UTVS”. What makes this such a big deal? This partnership is run by good ol’ boys from America that understand how this industry and market works. In addition, they have formed an exclusive partnership that will ensure there is only ONE Importer of product into the USA. Odes Motors of China has hired the newly formed “Odes UTVS” company to perform product testing, development, a redesign of their production line, service manuals, warranty process, parts delivery system, website, all re-designed by the American company, Odes UTVS.

Company History

ODES has been around for nearly a decade now producing and selling their product from China all over the world. In 2011, Mike Smith, owner of SC-Worldwide, signed an exclusive contract with ODES China to exclusively take over the ODES brand of UTVS and created the new company, ODES UTVS.
ODES UTVS has taken over distribution, marketing, branding, and engineering for the ODES brand of UTV throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. The first thing their team did was fly to the factory and spend the summer reengineering the product per USA team standards. The first set of UTVs brought over had nearly 100 changes made to the external and internal parts of the 800cc UTV. ODES UTVS is continually taking advice from their dealers to improve the products per the dealers’ standards and not just what they believe should be the standard.

Why ODES UTVS is Different

Part of what the USA team is doing is reinventing the Chinese UTV name and reputation. They had to start at the core, which was the quality of the UTVs. They sent their team to the factory to reengineer the product and make all the changes ‘WE’ (those who are involved in the Powersports industry) were desperately searching for with other manufactures. Part of making changes is not just making changes to the products that THEY think should be made, but by continually make changes to the unit that the DEALERS and the CONSUMERS want to in order to make the best UTV possible.
ODES UTVS employs top level industry people that know what they are doing inside and out. ODES UTVS are owned and operated by ex-racers who have bled this industry. ODES UTVS understands the importance of having a strong team, making constant changes and upgrades, and providing the best customer service. ODES UTVS offers a warranty and service support system that is simple and structured. They have created an almost automated system for processing warranty claims for their dealers. Dealers simply file a claim online with all required information and our warranty team will evaluate the claim and approve or deny within 24 hours. If approved, parts are sent immediately and tracking numbers emailed directly from the warehouse. This process alone is unlike anything else that is being offered by others in the industry.
ODES UTVS stocks parts like a true manufacture should. From being in this industry for nearly 10 years ODES UTVS knows that maintaining parts inventory is a massive issue, that is the reason they have made a commitment to set a foundation of great customer support for their dealers that includes having a parts supply that will go unmatched in this industry. ODES UTVS first parts order was for over 10,000 parts and they are committed to keeping that inventory fully stocked to support the brand of the product in a way that no other competitor can.

What Can You Expect For 2012?

ODES UTVS has just signed a 2 year deal with Munn Racing KTM Supercross team to be the exclusive UTV for the team. Soon you will get to see decked out UTVs with the KTM Munn Racing Supercross team all over the United States.
ODES UTVS is also working with multiple aftermarket manufactures to create a full performance line of products that should be released in the spring. ODES UTVS is continuing to develop products and have a few new vehicles in the works. They have a 4 seat UTV that will be released in the spring and a new 400cc UTV that will be released in the summer.
ODES UTVS wants this to be a successful brand in which people will have no issues with and this is why they are working on one product at a time. ODES UTVS goal is to support their customers and grow each product around their wants and needs. If that is accomplished we know this company will grow into a greater success. ODES UTVS motto is “Put your customers first instead of yourself”.