Buy the hoverboards everybody is riding or dancing on! Some of the biggest celebrities and athletes in the world are rolling on hoverboards!

Hoverboards are very intuitive and therefore easy to ride on. Basically they are a combination of Segway (but light) with a skateboard (but without the work). Meaning, that if you want to move forward or backward you just lean your body to the desired direction. When you want to turn, you slightly press downward with the toes of the opposite leg. That way, if you want to turn right, you press downward with your left toes and if you want to turn left, you press downward with your right toes. The sensitive sensors respond to the pressure immediately. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t get off of it 🙂

The two-wheels, electric, self-balancing hoverboards are easy & fun to learn & ride! Hoverboards are fast, environmentally friendly, durable and suitable for both kids and adults alike. Hoverboards are available under many brands, but it’s mostly a ‘re-brand’. So don’t be fooled by fancy descriptions.

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