Since Salter Watercraft opened their business they have researched and developed many inflatable boat models. Boat sales have increased over the years since Salter Watercraft supplies many companies. Salter Watercraft have developed an invaluable reputation in the boating industry. Naturally safety is of paramount importance to them. Salter Watercraft strives to supply the highest product quality and supply their customers with one of the best warranties available on today’s market. Their products are designed for safety and efficiency.

What is a RIB/RHIB?

RIBs, also known as Rigid Inflatable Boats are strong inflatable powerboats with flat or inflatable hulls. RHIBs, are Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats, or are fiberglass or aluminum powerboats fitted with inflatable collars or tubes. As well as excellent fendering, this makes RIBs almost unsinkable and suitable for all sorts of conditions. RIBs are some of the most versatile boats available and are used as rescue boats by the coastguard, patrol boats by the military, work boats, race boats in international competitions, tenders to yachts and super yachts, and as general purpose all round cruising or fishing boats by families around the world.

Salter Watercraft exports their boats to more than 20 states in the USA and across all the provinces of Canada. Their key strengths remain quality, price, service and innovation.

Salter Watercraft also carries a large range of parts available for delivery all of which can be purchased through our parts department. Many items at Salter Watercraft are ready for delivery throughout Canada, United States customers. Salter Watercraft access to online portals enables all account customers to view their orders and track them through all stages of the shipping process.

Salter Watercraft is a manufacturing and trading company with over 20 years experience. Salter Watercraft has developed into a comprehensive enterprise integrating manufacturing, marketing, importing, exporting & adhering to the management idea of “customer first and quality foremost”, and is working hard to provide high quality products direct to the customer. Salter Watercraft purchase all their fabric materials out of South Korea and have all their boats custom hand made in Weihai and Shanghai to the strict quality control standards to meet and exceed the Canadian small vessel standards.

The Material Salter Watercraft Use

Salter Watercraft PVC coated fabric is 0.9 mm and 1.2mm thick. They use 1100 Denier polyester fabric which has been specially coated on both sides with PVC to make the units extra strong.

Points of Making

  • Adhesive structure
  • Polyurethane glue for strength
  • Cold welding
  • All units are made by hand
  • There are four layers of reinforced seams


Salter Watercraft inflatable boats are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the period listed below. The original receipt of purchase will be required with date of purchase including product model and the sales receipt number and warranty care filled out.

Warranty Coverage: 1-3-5 Years

All boat attachments and accessories (ie) oars, oar locks, oar holders, seats, lift handles, rope, d-rings, air pump, valves and transom integrity are covered for one (1) year from the original date of purchase. All glued seams are warranted for 3 years. All the air holding fabrics (PVC) or Hypalon (CSM) is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for five (5) years. Any replacement of parts or any repairs performed under this warranty will not extend the life of the warranty beyond its original warranty date. Warranty coverage can not be transferred to a subsequent buyer. The warranty will only cover the original purchaser with the original receipt within said time. The warranty registration card must be completed and retuned within 30 days of the date of purchase for the warranty to be in affect. If proof of purchase cannot be provided and no warranty card has been received all charges shall be at the purchaser’s expense. Products purchased or used for rental or other commercial purposes as resorts, schools, camps etc. The warranty term will then be limited to ninety (90) days from original date of purchase. (Salter Watercraft and/or Atv Edmonton Ltd. are not responsible for any lost, misplaced or undelivered warranty cards no matter how sent, including but not limited to postal service, e-mail or facsimile transmission). Salter Watercraft reserves the right to change its warranty policy without notice.

Things Not Covered

Normal wear and tear, discoloration, color fading, or damage caused by Neglect, lack of maintenance, accident, or improper use. The use of any other parts other then supplied by Salter Watercraft. Alteration to the vessel or removal of parts not done by a authorized Salter Watercraft service center or dealer. Improper protection against UV-Rays, cold weather or has been repaired, modified or tampered with by someone other than a Salter Watercraft service center. Any damage from deterioration to fabric caused by fuel, harsh chemicals or solvents. Any seam separation due to heat exposure. The vessel has not been assembled, used, and maintained in accordance with owner’s manual. Has been damaged as a result of shipping, warehousing, or storage. Any shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser any units shipped for repair will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Salter Watercraft will then ship (if required) the repaired unit, or repaired parts or new part(s) to the purchaser at the responsibility of the purchaser. Salter Watercraft does not cover incidental or consequential costs for any reason what so ever.

Also Does Not Include

  • Time for cleaning units in preparation for repair
  • Any repairs resulting from poor service work or maintenance after delivery
  • High-pressure washing
  • Over size engine use
  • Overloading of capacity
  • All inflatable Watercraft lose some air over time, this is normal and is not a warranty issue

Owner’s Responsibility:

The owner/operator is responsible for safe operation and safety of its passengers. It is mandatory the owner/operator follows all provincial and federal requirements like licensing, safety requirements and safety gear required. We strongly recommended that the operator read and understand its entire manual before operating the boat. Be sure at least one additional person on board is instructed in the basics in case of an emergency and the operator is unable to operate the boat. Salter Watercraft requires all owners to follow the Care of your Salter inflatable boat made easy program.